The "other" side of being a guide in Tokyo


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Mark Buckton先生による英語での講演第3弾。


「相撲の朝稽古と本場所」「築地魚市場」「浅草」「上野」 「皇居」「野球観戦」「生ビールバー」etc, etc

A talk based on the experiences of Mark Buckton, a guide in and around Tokyo for the better part of 10 years.

This talk will look at the tours conducted by Mark Buckton for a number of companies over the past decade.
Mark has taken visiting Europeans, North and South Americans, Australians, Asians and even Japanese around the city on numerous occasions – many turning up funny or interesting anecdotes, which will be mentioned in the talk.
From visiting TV crews and media sorts to famous actors to global business leaders and everyday folk on holidays and honeymoons, there are few weeks that go by without Mark being asked to take at least one person or group somewhere.
Sumo morning practice and tournaments, the Tsukiji fish market, and the north east area around Asakusa and Ueno are the most frequent requests he gets but he has also been asked to take people to Osaka, around the Imperial Palace, to baseball games and craft beer bars.
With his background in publications on inbound-tourism, he will share with us the places on and off the beaten track that many non-Japanese really love to see or hear about, and that many locals do not know…..or wish to share.

  • 日時2012年9月2日(日) 16:00-18:00
  • 講師 Mark Buckton氏(CEL英語ソリューションズ非常勤講師)
  • 場所 CEL英語ソリューションズ 東京校 教室[地図]
  • 受講料       会場受講: 3,500円  CD受講: 3,500円  Internet受講: 2,500円
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  • Thank you for your interesting talk.
  • I appreciate your understanding about Japanese culture and real aspects of Japan.
  • Thank you for the wonderful session. I was impressed with your straightforward and open-minded explanation about many tips as a tour guide.
  • I enjoyed very much and hope to join again. Thank you very much.
  • I’d like to study more about the way to let tourists enjoy Japan.
  • I enjoyed hearing your experiences very much.
  • Thank your very much for interesting stories about guiding from the other side of viewpoint.
  • I enjoyed your today’s lecture very much. It also was very useful with full of interesting information.
  • Thank you for good information. It would help me to be a better tour guide.
  • Thank you very much for your useful stories. I’m looking forward to being here again soon.