盆栽というと、日本ではご隠居さんの優雅な趣味というイメージがありますが、世界的には、日本が誇る芸術として、世界中に多くの愛好家がいます。 (トラッドジャパンでは、シーズン1の6月に取り上げました)

 *有名盆栽家とコレクション etc.


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高杉尚孝氏近影 グレゴリー・スコット・アフマン氏プロフィール

 アメリカ出身。2003年に来日して、愛知県岡崎市の鈴木「大樹園」 にて盆栽の修行後、アメリカ最大のプライベートコレクションを誇る 「ザ・ケネット・コレクション」で盆栽家として従事。
 その後、世界有数のディスプレイ庭園、アメリカ・ペンシルバニア州の 「ロングウッド・ガーデン」にて庭師として活動。


  • Thank you very much. I hope Bonsai will be more popular among us.
  • Thank you for the interesting lecture. I live in Omiya, Saitama. I’ve been to Bonsai Museum. I found it interesting to grow Bonsai. Exporting process of “Bonsai trees” was interesting. (remove all the soil or things like that)
  • I had a chance to see bonsai but I wasn’t interested in. Today I understand how to appreciate it and am very interested in it. Thank you for this special chance!
  • Thank you very much for your lecture. It was so impressive! I think the relationship between bonsai and pot is just like pictures and flames. I would like to learn more Japanese traditional culture from now on.
  • Thank you for your informative lecture regarding bonsai, I was not so interested in bonsai so far, but your lecture makes me attracted in bonsai. I am from Saitama prefecture, so I would like to visit the bonsai village in near future.
  • Thank you for really interesting lecture.
  • とてもわかりやすいお話ありがとうございました。海外で盆栽が人気の理由もわかりました。大宮に行ってから盆栽の美しさに興味を持ちましたが、今日お持ちいただいた作品もとても美しいと思いました。
  • Growing bonsai takes a lot of time and works. It’s amazing for some people in other countries to grow bonsai and appreciate it. Japanese are good at making things miniaturized such as transistor radio, folding fans. I think bonsai is one of such Japanese characteristics.
  • Thank you for your interesting lecture. It’s very impressive. I’ve learned Japanese flower arrangement, so I found a lot of similarity between bonsai and ikebana in terms of the aesthetic. Many foreign tourists consider bonsai as a kind of new culture and have a lot of interest, more interest than Japanese, I think.
  • Thank you for today’s lecture. Although I’m tour guide only on weekends, your talking session gave me a lot of motivation to improve my knowledge about bonsai. Since my guests are mainly form Argentina, I’m going to learn the vocabularies in Spanish too! I will buy a bonsai for my desk in the office.
  • Thank you for very concise and interesting explanation about history, appreciation, and how to takecare of bonsai trees. It was also interesting to hear what made you so fascinated with the bonsai world. All the three bonsai works you brought today are so beautiful!
  • I have a great time enjoying your lecture today. As you mentioned in the lecture. I’ll have a small bonsai in my room to enjoy watching or taking care of it with my kids.